Custom intranet web app for stop-motion production studio.


I built this app over four seasons, starting with a PHP-based stage status tool which allowed users to update the current status of any stage in the studio. When it became clear the app needed to be real-time, I switched to the Meteor.js framework.


Within this framework I used Javascript, React.js, Node.js, and MongoDB in order to create a real-time reactive web app for the whole studio to use. Beyond the stages, the app expanded to include many more features including an animation review catalog, a shot database updater, progress meters, render farm status updates, and a puppet tracker. On the backend, a number of custom Python scripts handled the API calls to various services and integrating the information into the local database.


Inside the studio, users could either view a summary of the data on a constantly running status monitor at the production office, or access the app on any phone, tablet, or computer connected to the studio wifi.

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